Welcome to Birch Leaf Chapel.

This chapel was the dream of Denise and Chris Akert and came to life when they asked Lily Fitch, a childhood friend of their children in Ester who studied architecture, to design the chapel.

The idea was to provide a beautiful and spiritual space to celebrate special moments in life.  The little chapel is placed on top of the tailing piles left behind by the gold miners many years ago.

It took 16 local craftsmen to complete this chapel. Everything is exquisitely designed and executed, from the roof line to the door shaped like a birch leaf, to the rock walls and rod iron light fixtures.

The excavation and foundation was skillfully done by Chris. Denise contributed the stained glass windows, which are showcasing the four seasons in the upper panes and a floor to ceiling birch tree. When the sun rises over the hills and shines through the upper windows, the colors reflect on the ceiling as though it was northern lights.

The chapel can seat up to 30 people for wedding ceremonies, memorial services, concerts or recitals.  It is meant for people to be inspired and to find peace and magic in special moments of life.

Birch Leaf Chapel, LLC

Roof, Tom Sorensen

Wood Shed, Ian Krosnow & Wenona Stafford

Door, Kent Pine & Joe Geiss

Benches, Les Graves

Tile Work, Michael Buberge

Outhouse, Eric Mayo

Windows, Denise Akert

Excavation, Chris Akert

Architect, Lily Fitch

Engineer, Greg Liebl

Carpenter (Building), Ian Wright

Rockwork, Pratab Rashaly

Electrical, Andrew Hunt

Wrought Iron, Thomas Hart

Plaster, Michael Riorden

Birch Floor, Bob Halbeisen